"Through 50 years of fieldwork to remote communities in Africa,

my art offers insights into their art and traditions."

Ground in stone dust  2022 Oil on canvas  x  cm

Robert Slingsby Ground in stone dust
R Slingsby 'Red rift' oil on canvas_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Red rift 2021 Everard Read Franschhoek


Classrooms of Dus  Knysna Fine Art 2020

Featured 'Classrooms of Dus'

Charcoal and chalk pastel on Arches 300gram cotton rag paper

Classrooms of Dus

InDependence  2019

Everard Read Circa Johannesburg

Featured 'Lip plate cabinet'

Concrete, steel, glass and lip plates collected over seven years of field trips

R Slingsby Lip plate cabinet
Robert Slingsby 09_edited.jpg

Great rift  2017 Everard Read Franschhoek

'Stone platform of Dirikoro' 2017 Mono-print

Oil ink woodblock, silver leaf and ostrich eggshell beads


'I am'

Royal College of Art, London 2015

I am Arka Bokot

'I am Arka Bokot' Robert Slingsby